The Torgersen Family

"I can only say great things about our experience with Arrowhead Inglemoor Preschool!  Our daughter attended first, 2018-20 and the staff and director were just as amazing then as they are now. Long time director, Janis, is very communicative and remains a pillar of organization and pure love for this little school.  When our son was ready to attend preschool in 2021, it was no question for us to enroll him at AIP.  Again, teachers and staff are beyond amazing in that they are attentive, candid and truly loving of their students. I would not hesitate to recommend this preschool to parents in the area; such a gem and our family feels so fortunate to have had a genuinely great experience with them over the years!"

The McDonald Family

"Arrowhead Inglemoor Preschool is outstanding! I can’t say enough good things about our family’s experience with the preschool. Both our son and daughter have attended. Our son was extremely nervous about preschool and had a lot of separation anxiety. It took months for him to feel comfortable going by himself. The teachers and staff were so patient and accommodating. I don’t believe any other preschool would have been as supportive. They truly provided an opportunity to build confidence, socialization skills and fundamentals in a very caring and nurturing environment. Our son made the transition to kindergarten with ease and has excelled in elementary school. I attribute much of this to his early education and the solid foundation and support he was provided. Our daughter has enjoyed preschool from day 1. The school has helped to set her up to be ready for kindergarten both academically as well as socially. Janis is wonderful and all of the teachers have been excellent and loved by my children. I highly recommend Arrowhead Inglemoor Preschool."

The Addison Family

"We are so thankful that we found Arrowhead Inglemoor Preschool! We could tell from our initial encounter that AIP is a fun place to learn and grow. Our daughter, who is often slow to warm to new environments, was thrilled to go to school each day! We attribute her comfort to the warmth and care of the teachers. They have a passion and enthusiasm for working with children and make each child feel valued. What a gift! We are firm believers in the power of play so we also love that AIP is a play-based school. They have so much fun and learn a ton in the process. It has been amazing to watch our daughter’s confidence grow, as well as her imagination, social skills, friendships, and more. We are excited for our son to get to experience the magic of AIP, and we know this school will always hold a special place in our hearts. We cannot recommend it enough!"

The Graff Family

"As our 3rd and final year at Arrowhead Inglemoor Preschool comes to an end, I can only reflect on what an amazing preschool experience this has been for our family. Each morning at drop off we were greeted with excitement and warm smiles from the teachers. Often the pastor himself would be outside greeting the kids. I was fortunate enough to be able to volunteer in the classroom and I can truly say, these teachers love what they do and the kids love them right back. Their days are filled with play-based learning, songs, art, stories, laughter and fun. I have watched my daughter’s confidence and love of learning thrive over these last 3 years. She is ready for Kindergarten and I owe a lot of that readiness to the strong foundation that AIP has set. This sweet preschool is truly a hidden gem and I would recommend it to any family looking for a school that truly feels like “home”.